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Product Description
In an effort to accede to market requirements, coupled with our earnest desire to update our product mix, we have introduced the tile profiled version of sheeting products.

The term MET-CLAY a derivative to denote that our product encompasses the classic beauty of the "traditional kiln burnt CLAY tile", yet processing all the finer qualities of the contemporary modern profiled metal roofing tile.

The tile profiled roofing sheets are manufactured, incorporating the state of the art technology, with exquisite graded machinery, which churn out quality products of international standards in the brand name MET-CLAY.
Product Option
Product Details  
Overall Width 1095 mm + 5
Effective Width 1000 mm + 5
Length Min 1 mtr and above
Tile Module Spacing 200 mm and 300 mm*
Depth 7.5 mm and 15 mm
Colour Brick Red, Terracotta Red, Sky Blue, Off White, Mist Green and wide range
Yield Strength Min 240 to 345 Mpa.
* The Spacing for tile module can be made and supplied as per customer’s requirement, subject to a minimum off take of 3 tons in a single order.
SALIENT Features
  • Excellent Aesthetic Appearance
  • Robust and Longevity
  • Multi pronged cost effective roofing solutions
  • Heat Resistant
  • Laying in a short span of time
  • Preferred choice - world wide
  • Cost saving in primary and secondary members
  • Light weight - weighs just 1/10th of the weight of the conventional clay tile
  • Flamboyant
  • Maintains ambient temperature to comfort level in summer and energy consumption is minimal
  • Wide range of tile design options exists in our manufacturing process
  • Anti capillary groove provision to avoid water shedding
  • Provision of reverse leg facilitates unique lapping which ensures proper covering at the bottom of the side lap
  • Larger coverage: A single 6.5 mts panel covers an area covered by 80 individual tiles, at almost a fraction of its weight
  • Fire retardant
  • Option for the position of PU-Foam insulation, enabling thermal insulation and also dew condensing prevention
  • Extra stiffening grooves provided in between the crest for high strength and suitability
  • Available in a riot of colour options to suit any décor
  • Seismically safe during natural calamities, being light in weight
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